"Fiona and I originally worked with Aaron specifically on our office refurbishment and fit out, and found the finished results transformed a tired old building.

When we purchased a block of land with the goal of designing and building a new home, Aaron was one of the first people we showed the land to.  When it finally came to designing a new home he already knew how it would sit on the land, and when we developed our wish list for the new design, he was already part of our vision.  Another important aspect of the LAD approach was Aaron visiting us at home to see how our lifestyle influenced the design, and to note any special furniture and artworks so these could be considered early on in the new design. 

We had a very specific list of features and materials  we wanted in a new home, however we were mindful not to take away the architectural flair we wanted from the LAD team, so the interpretation of our vision was left to them.  Fiona especially enjoyed working with the team on the selection of materials and finishes and their advice was invaluable.

In conclusion, Aaron and his team have created a home that not only fits our way of life and is easy to live in, but sits very sympathetically in its surroundings.  Fiona and I are very proud of the new home we have created!"  John & Fiona Stares