At LAD we specialise in designing bespoke residential & commercial architecture, along with creative interior design schemes. We work closely with our clients & technical consultants to guide you step by step through the design and build experience - listening, advising and working with you to answer any questions you may, and inevitably will have!

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Stage 1 involves sitting down with LAD for a relaxed discussion around the details of your building project.  LAD will then design the floor plan (flow), site development plan & external elevations (‘the look’) of your new home or commercial premises. At this stage 'tweeks' can be made to the design before final sign off from you.


This stage involves generating high quality 3 dimensional images and/or actual building walk throughs to enable you to visualise ‘the finished product’. 3D images are extremely powerful as they enable you to gain a clear understanding of every detail of your project, and allow tweeks to be made to the design prior to submitting building consent documentation to council.


Stage 3 involves the production of the detailed drawings/documentation required by council for building consent approval. These are also used by all tradespeople for pricing purposes, and to guide the building process on site . We pride ourselves on the thorough & accurate detailing of all of our drawings & documentation!  This ensures that all tradespeople are clear around every detail of your project, and ultimately leads to a far more enjoyable building experience!


This stage involves LAD using the building consent documentation from Stage 3 to obtain accurate pricing for the total cost of your project, and avoids any nasty surprises around overall build costs! Alternatively, you can take care of the pricing yourself with guidance from LAD where ever it's required.


This final stage involves LAD taking care of all aspects of the build onsite - liaising with council and local authorities, selecting builders & trades people (after close consultation with you!) and making regular visits to site to ensure everything runs smoothly. This ensures that attention is paid to every detail of the design, and that there's no cost over runs or budget blow outs!


Once we've met with you to discuss the details of your project & establish the level of engagement you require from above, LAD will produce a Letter of Engagement that is unique to your project. This outlines clearly all costs involved for each of the design stages, and avoids any nasty surprises around design costs!

You can rest assured too ....... regardless of the level of engagement you choose from above, we're always available to offer advice, guidance and answer questions at any stage of the building process!